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Sectional Garage Doors

As the name implies, sectional garage doors are made up of horizontal sections, or slats, linked together. They open and close vertically, the panels curving upwards into the headroom of the garage when opening, meaning they do not need space to swing outwards when opening like ‘up and over’ garage doors, saving space on the driveway.

As well as their space-saving properties, we have found that many of our customers favour sectional garage doors because they provide excellent insulation and because their strength makes them super-secure.

Good quality low-maintenance sectional garage doors such as those we supply and install are usually made of galvanised steel, double-skinned, and the panels filled with insulating foam that is up to 45mm thick. You can choose from a large selection of designs and finishes, including woodgrain effects and different paint colour finishes, to match in with the exterior of your property. Real timber sectional garage doors in hard or softwood such as oak or cedar, as well as aluminium versions, are also available.

Because the sectional doors are insulated you can heat the garage space, which makes these doors ideal for hobbyists who use their garage for purposes other than just storing the car and other sundries. When professionally installed – particularly with an optional rubber seal – damp and cold air is excluded while warmth is retained.

The door mechanism and the way sectional doors are installed without a frame, behind the door aperture, means these type of garage doors can be used in odd-shaped doorways. They can also be fitted into double or large-sized garage doorways because they open and close using a torsion spring system which allows for smooth and easy manual operation of even large doors.

Most of our customers prefer to order automated sectional garage doors, simply for the convenience of being able to open the garage by remote control. Sectional garage doors are perfectly suited to being fitted with an electrical operating system.

When combined with an electric motor, sectional garage doors are almost impossible to break open. Their strong construction and the gear mechanism are safeguards in themselves. Most electrical operating systems have the facility of locking the operator boom and even programming the remote to prevent unauthorised use.

If your garage doors are old, shabby and awkward to open they are probably detracting from the kerb appeal of your property, and therefore from its value. If you’d like to explore the options for installing new garage doors in Westbury or anywhere in west Wiltshire, contact us for a no-obligation quotation.

We are also happy to give you a quote for automating your existing garage doors. We’re expert at garage door repairs and carry a range of spare components with us, so there is no delay awaiting parts if you find yourself unable to open or close your garage door.

When it comes to installing and maintaining sectional garage doors, we’re proud of our reputation for being the most reliable suppliers and door fitters in the west.

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