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Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and Over garage doors are the type of garage doors most commonly found in the UK, probably because they are safe, reliable and simple to operate.

We are experts at installing up and over garage doors in Westbury and across west Wiltshire, and find our customers are delighted with their doors because they are very affordable and take up minimal space. When open they lay flush with the garage ceiling, leaving a portion (known as the “canopy”) visible outside the door frame.

Rolling wheels which run in a track on each side of the frame makes the doors relatively light to lift and raise up. The up and over doors are fitted with an anti-drop device which prevents them from accidentally falling on your head, but they will close with a gentle pull and can be locked with either a single central lock, or a four-point locking system for extra security.

Heavy timber up and over garage doors, or doors that are extra wide, usually have a different mechanism to allow for their weight. This consists of spring loaded side arms and a gear system that makes the door fully retractable when it is opened, the whole of its length lying within the garage roof space. This type of door has no canopy when open but does need some ground clearance on the outside to accommodate the tilt when opening.

Both types of up and over garage doors are easy to operate manually, but they can be fitted with an electric motor and operated by remote control. Our professional team of garage door installers are able to automate existing up and over garage doors or install new doors that come electrified.

Another reason why up and over garage doors are so popular is because they come in such a wide range of styles, designs, colours and materials. We supply and install top quality up and over garage doors of your choice from the leading manufacturers such as Garador and Horman.

You can opt for steel, timber, glass reinforced plastic (GRP) or PVC up and over garage doors. Steel is a popular choice because they are light-weight yet strong, inexpensive and are available in a choice of ribbed and panelled designs which complement any style of building, from traditional to modern.

For a luxury look you can’t beat the natural warmth of real timber, particularly if you are installing up and over garage doors in a period property. However steel and GRP up and over garage doors are available in a timber-effect finish which is a cost effective way of achieving the same look, without the maintenance required by real timber doors.

If you are unsure whether an up and over garage door is the right solution for your garage, we will happily come and survey your property and advise on the best door to suit not only the building, but your lifestyle. We are extremely knowledgeable about the operation of all types of garage doors and committed to giving you a garage door that is convenient, safe and secure. We provide no-obligation quotations and are renowned for our friendly, efficient and professional service.

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