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Roller Garage Doors

Our professional team of installers supplies and fits a wide variety of top quality roller garage doors in and around Westbury, Trowbridge and Warminster. We find that roller garage doors (also called roller shutter doors) are an excellent solution for garage’s where space both inside and outside is at a premium. A roller door is ideal for garages that open directly onto the road or pavement.

Roller garage doors operate with a vertical lift action, rolling up like a blind or curtain into a tight coil around a spindle that is accommodated in the ceiling space above the door aperture. It does mean you need to have sufficient clearance on the inside above the top of the door opening to accommodate the spindle or curtain roll, but this is compensated for by the fact that there are no other tracks or operating mechanisms to worry about and take up space.

These types of doors are also adaptable in that they can be fitted behind, inside or in front of the door aperture.

Roller garage doors consist of fairly narrow horizontal slats that are hinged together to allow for the rolling action. There are two types available: non-insulated single skin steel roller doors and insulated double-skinned aluminium roller doors. The single-skin doors are practical and affordable, usually favoured by new home owners, while the insulated doors are more expensive but offer top class security and thermal efficiency.

Both types of roller garage doors are available in a bewildering array of finishes, including timber grain effects in various shades, so you can match your garage doors to the décor of the rest of the exterior of your house. Maintenance is easy – simply hose them down when they get a little dusty, and they should last for many years. You can choose to have manually operated doors or have your roller doors automated so that you can open them using a remote control device from the comfort of your car.

Most of our clients prefer the automated option not only because an automatic door is more convenient, but it is also more secure. Manually operated roller garage doors feature sliding bars that lock the door internally in the side channels. Electric automated doors however usually have locking mechanisms that involve the spindle to which the roller shutter is attached, and they can only be opened by your individually programmed remote control.

For safety, roller garage doors can be fitted with bottom-edge safety sensors, anti-fallback devices, infrared beams and collision detection devices – some or all of these features come as standard with the better makes of roller garage doors.

If you think your garage could benefit from the installation of roller shutter doors, or you are interested in considering new garage door options in the Wiltshire area, give us a call for a no-obligation quotation. We’re happy to answer all your questions and advise you on the best door choice for your garage, whether it be commercial or domestic.

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